This blog has been moved to the Kinopio Blog Space to make it easier and funner to update. Future updates will be posted there.

Bulletin № 1

Hello from sunny winter San Diego. Although I have to go back to Canada soon... for now though, the moisture, sunlight, and fresh air is really healing me.

What's New

In the last two weeks, I've been working on closing the loop by adding comments and notifications to make it easier to follow activity and have conversations in spaces.


I'll continue to close the loop in more ways, like by letting you know when your favorited spaces have been updated.

💰 To help grow Kinopio to financial sustainability, sometime in the next month I'll be increasing the cost of upgrading your account to $5/mo, and also adding a $50/yr option. If you've already upgraded – or if you upgrade soon – you'll be grandfathered into the current price of $4/mo forever.