Bulletin № 12

In the last Bulletin, I asked for your thoughts on how to grow the audience for Kinopio. I was surprised how many responses and helpful ideas I received, which I captured in the Ideas for Growing Kinopio space.

While I work towards all this, here’s a life anecdote in the meantime. I’ve been using the same keyboard for 11 years now, a HHKB Professional 2. I’m really drawn to the ideal of using and growing with tools through your life. Using something for so long, it’s inevitably going to feel like an extension of your body.

That said, a year or so ago I bought a ‘new’ keyboard. Well actually, it’s a new housing that I’ll transplant the guts of my current keyboard into. I ordered mine in Sunset Blvd:

heavy grail

It’s supposed to ship near the end of summer, so fingers crossed.

What's New

I’ve been slowly working my way towards a new launch. I’ve been refining the messaging around what Kinopio is, and simplifying the UI for new users.

This includes the new + button that provides an upfront way to add new spaces, and integrating filters into find.

For more advanced users, you can now hold down shift while painting to select and unselect cards.

But most importantly, we now have a Community Discord. Come chat with us, share your favorite spaces, and ask questions.


I’ve updated the roadmap, based on Ideas for Growing Kinopio. (also with cool new graphics and music)

Next on the list is building an about/marketing page for people that prefer to read about what Kinopio is, etc. before diving in.

From my too-long career making marketing websites, my strategy is always to start with words. If you can make something clear and compelling with just text, then you’ve got something worth building.