Bulletin № 13

In theory, every marketing website has the same job, "hey this thing can help you, you should use it".

But writing, designing, and building the new About Kinopio page really took it out of me.

I started with writing. If I can make something compelling in a .txt file, that's a good place to build from. Strangely, I think clearly describing what a product does is probably hardest for the person who made it. But all the feedback I've gotten from you has been super helpful in figuring out what themes to focus on.

Aesthetically, I wanted the page to feel approachable, but also memorable and characterful. Just like with Kinopio itself, I wanted the way you interact with this page to have a little extra somethin' somethin'.

So, the page paints itself. Kind of like I'm sitting on your shoulder and I'm saying "hey check this out, and also this part is really cool".

Boring Programmer Talk

To build auto-painting, I wrote some code that recorded my paint strokes, and then transforms the position and timing of those recorded strokes to auto-paint them next to specific elements on the page.

Honestly, this was kind of a nightmare. I should've chosen an easier profession, like navy seal.


With all that out of the way, I'm catching up on support issues next, and continuing on the path towards a splashy new ProductHunt launch. Hopefully we'll be talking about that next time.