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Bulletin № 15

A couple months ago, I commissioned the Elmer Gomer embroidery company to create 20 Kinopio patches. I’m a little ashamed at how long they’ve been sitting on my desk – but also a little proud to say that you can now buy one for yourself at the Pop-Up Shop. Sew or stick it on a sweater, hat, or bag. Or just pet its soft soft corduroy insides.

hand made patch

I’ve never sold anything physical before, so I was wondering…

  1. Will people buy real-life Kinopio stuff?
  2. How fast will it sell?
  3. How hard is it to build a store and ship stuff?

I’m not sure yet if I’ll produce more physical objects in the future (it’s pretty stressful), but these patches won’t be made again.

Pop-Up Shop

What's New

It's been a busy month, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour.


In the next month, I’m focused on improving filters, adding support for markdown h1 and h2 headers in cards, and performance improvements for extra large spaces with 500+ cards.