Bulletin № 16

Hi Friends,

The goal of these Kinopio bulletins is to be interesting. That usually means talking about some cool new feature or a pop-up shop – but this bulletin has neither.

Kinopio spaces are like little spatial worlds, except for some people they’re not so little. You might’ve noticed that in big spaces with ~250+ cards, things start to slowww down.

I’ve been working on this problem for the last two weeks. Performance tuning is kind of a dark art, you find slow routines and you squeeze milliseconds out of them – and sometimes that helps, but not enough this time.

So now I’m on stage 2: full on data-model surgery. The heart is out on the operating table and every artery and vein is being cleaned out and reconnected.

Early results are extremely promising. I’m looking forward to having a new light-weight race-spec Kinopio to share with you next time.

(Animations by @JordanneChan, originally shared on Discord)

What's New

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