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Bulletin № 17

What's New

Continuing from the last bulletin, I spent the last couple weeks working on making every interaction, like loading spaces, scrolling, painting, dragging and editing cards 2-5x faster and more responsive.

I also wanted to ship something fun this week, so I reached out to Joi Fulton about licensing some of her work for a new frame,

I think it turned out really well. It’s got spooky seasonal vibes but I hope you can use it year round too.


My original plan was to email bulletins like this every two weeks – a nice regular update on Kinopio and the community. But the reality has been that these emails go out whenever the stars align.

It gets a little stressful when it’s been a while tbh.

So I want to address this by creating a new weekly email that lists new Explore spaces, info related to your ♥s, and whatever else I come up with.

I haven’t designed it yet so if you’ve got any thoughts, ideas, or if you know any really great emails I should look at, please let me know.