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Bulletin № 18

When I send these bulletin emails I kind of enjoy the out of office auto-responder messages I get back.

The European ones,

“I’m away on vacation for the next month, I’ll reply when I’m back”

The American ones,

“I’m out of office this week, if this is urgent please message Betty or call me anytime”

Mentally and geographically, I’m definitely on workaholic team America. I enjoy working on Kinopio, sculpting this clay-like thing into existence, key by key. But the pressure to grow the business and be successful is always back there, lurking in the background, not so subtly.

What's New

It took me about three weeks to rewrite Kinopio’s low-level modules to improve performance 2-5x. But surprise surprise – when you change everything, lots can break. Thanks to all the helpful bug reports I received and fixed over the last couple weeks, Kinopio is now pretty stable again.

Besides that, some new stuff snuck in too.


  • Weekly Review Emails, deferred from the last bulletin
  • Promotional outreach to get the word out about Kinopio. Recommendations for makers, influencers, productivity people, etc. that you think I should reach out to would be really helpful

Elsewhere on the internet

I enjoyed the flower petal nav on Besides the whimsy, this is one of those rare times where content and interface are deeply connected.