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Bulletin № 23

Hi Friends,

The theme of this bulletin is 'friendship'. Though I didn't know it would be when I started writing.

As Kinopio evolves and more people use spaces for a wider variety of things, I feel like I also need to evolve the way I describe it.

How would you explain Kinopio to a friend, or maybe to someone you just met?

What's New

If you asked a close friend that you haven’t seen in 3 months “what’s new?”, they’d probably reply with “not too much”. Which really means, “there’s too much to remember, and I’m not in the mood to recount everything”.

But what if they did remember, and they were in the mood? Their tale would be long, with many sprawling tangents:

After unravelling your friend's long yarn, you stroke your newly grown beard and/or bangs in silent comprehension – while secretly you regret asking the question.