Bulletin № 3

My eyes have been sore lately, so to take a break from screens I dusted off my childhood keyboard, a chunky Yamaha (PSR-510) covered in mysterious and colorful buttons, knobs, and dials. Now that I'm a lot older I kinda-sorta know what most of them do, but it's still fun to push something, hit some keys and try and figure out what changed~

What's New

I updated the price of Kinopio to help make it more financially sustainable. When the increase was announced, I was surprised by how many people welcomed and supported it. Thank you supporting independent software, and also me.

I also added new space backgrounds, including some animated ones that are fun to play with.


Most people who see Kinopio are intrigued by it – but also not enough people have seen Kinopio. I'm going to spend some time actively reaching out to people that might like it. If you know any cool writers, youtube-ers, or podcasters with small to medium-size audiences that you think I should hit up please let me know!