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Bulletin № 30

Hi friends,

This month I spent time in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Detroit. Would it surprise you to hear that Detroit might be my favorite of the three? Maybe once I'm here for a little longer I'll write a review of the city.

What's New

The big new release is Card Links: Every card now has it's own URL you can share anywhere,

So what happens if you paste a card link into another card? You'll get a live preview of the card – which you can even edit right there

  • Add your best ideas from meeting spaces to project spaces
  • Track tasks across spaces in a single place
  • Weave your own personal wiki

I noticed that people often paste invite URLs into cards to invite collaborators to join their other private spaces.

To make inviting easier, invites in cards now display information about the space so you be more confident about jumping in

New Community Backgrounds One of the first things people do when creating a new space is choosing a background for it. The right image sets the tone for what follows.


  • receive notifications when people ♥ you and your spaces
  • To share a space with the UI hidden use Share → Enable the presentation mode button → Copy URL


  • Faster and smoother paint selection
  • Updated hello space for new users
  • Redesigned youtube embeds, and added support for Youtube playlist URLs
  • Simplified the UI for adding tint colors to your backgrounds
  • Refined the display of card limits/upgrade/pricing if you're not upgraded yet
  • Donate button moved to the About dialog. You can now donate even if you're not ugraded yet
  • Added student discount and referral info in Upgrade and Pricing dialogs
  • Invite Tips in Share dialog is less visually prominent
  • In iOS (maybe android too), copy/invite url buttons now also have native sharesheet support
  • Icons are preloaded when Kinopio starts up, so that they don't flash in later
  • To make it easier to ♥ your own space, or explore/live spaces, a '♥' button is displayed inside the list item of the space
  • Readonly cards now hide unusable buttons (instead of just greying them out) for a cleaner look


  • Importing channels correctly import image blocks
  • Cards with images taller than the viewport correctly display when visible
  • Connecting a card to an audio card creates a connection as expected
  • User labels display with black text (instead of white) when the user color is dark