Bulletin β„– 33

Hi friends,

So for the last couple months I've been experimenting with cross-posting all my social media posts to see what kind of energy I'd get back on each site. I figured I had nothing to lose. (Except my time, and sanity).

I occasionally got good feedback and discussions on 𝕏 (general audiences), Mastodon (technical), and on Posts.cv (designers). But I only ever got crickets on Bluesky, Instagram, Threads, and LinkedIn, so I probably won't use those anymore.

Thankfully, besides word-of-mouth, what seems to work best is old-fashioned blogging and email newsletters (like this one). Every time I blog on my personal site, 200~ new people decide to subscribe to new posts by email, which is really cool. As you might imagine, a blog post takes a lot more time/effort to write than a Tweet ('𝕏cretion'?), but it also feels more real somehow.

To spend even more time in blog-world, I'm thinking of adding a simple comments system. I've roughly planned it out, let me know what you think.

And as always, thanks for reading ☻

what's new

  • If you don't like subscriptions, you can now purchase a Lifetime Plan for $200 instead.

  • Bigger, Better Code Blocks with syntax highlighting and a higher character limit when you paste code into cards between triple backticks ```.

Works in Progress

  • Still working on Lines: A totally new tool for organizing your spaces
  • Improved unfurls/link previews when sharing public space URLs in Slack, X, Discord, etc.
  • An iOS 17 widget display fix
  • Help Site 2.0 (I've been collecting ideas to redesign it for the last month of so)

A Call for Friends of Kinopio

If you've read it this far then you must be quite special.

If you're interested in building an audience by blogging, video-ing, or podcast-ing about Kinopio – and getting an exclusive user badge and cool stickers – then maybe the Friends-of-Kinopio Ambassador program is for you.

Check out this space to learn more and join the club.