Card Links

Now every card has it's own URL that you can share with other people directly. Helpful when referencing a specific thought or kicking off a conversation around a specific idea.

Preview and Edit Linked Cards

So what happens if you paste a card link into another card? You'll get a live preview of the card – which you can even edit right there

  • Add your best ideas from meeting spaces to project spaces
  • Track tasks across spaces in a single place
  • Weave your own personal web

(/^)/    ● \(^\)

Pretty Invites

I noticed that people often paste invite URLs into cards to invite collaborators to join their other private spaces.

To make inviting easier, invites in cards now display information about the space so you be more confident about jumping in

‘Just’ a URL

Other apps with the ability to edit content from one document in another document give this feature a variety of names. From transclusion, mirroring, portals, block references, synced blocks, and even (I kid you not) Synced Figure Instances.

But the last thing I wanted to do is build something impressive sounding that only power-users would understand. Everyone knows what a URL is so I just used that. Being just a regular link, you can paste it anywhere.

The format is also pretty simple, so you can even construct it yourself:

I'm hoping that, because card links are so flexible and approachable, people find creative and surprising new uses for them.

Building on Vacation

Most of the development work for this happened over 3+ weeks while I was on vacation in the Phillipines. With all the client-app refactoring and server plumbing involved, this probably wasn't the smartest project to tackle while constrained to a small laptop screen.

But now that it's finally out there, I can breathe a sigh of relief. This release also includes additional enhancements and bug fixes:

  • You can donate to support Kinopio from About → Donate
  • The layout of card limits/upgrade/pricing in User now takes up less space
  • Added student discount and referral credits info to Upgrade and Pricing dialogs
  • Invite tips button in Share is less visually prominent
  • In Safari/iOS, copy url buttons now have an option to share with the native share-sheet
  • Icons are pre-cached when kinopio first loads so that they don't flicker in later
  • To make it easier to ♥ your own space, or those in Explore or Live, a ♥ button is displayed in the space list item
  • Fixed user name labels having black text (instead of white) when the user color is dark
  • When you open a card in a read-only space, unusable buttons are hidden instead of greyed out for a cleaner look