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Compact Space Users List

When people join a space, either as spectators or collaborators, they’ll do a little bow to introduce themselves

Once a space has too many spectators or collaborators to display comfortably, they'll nest inside a button that lets you view and manage the full list of users.

The specific conditions for showing the users list button are:

  • More than 1 spectator (spectators list compacts)
  • More than 3 collaborators (collaborators list compacts)
  • Less than 1/6 of the viewport is available to display more avatars (both spectators and collaborators will compact)

Just like before, both spectators and collaborators are listed separately because it's an exciting event when spectators hop into your space, so the two types of user counts convey very different things.

In the collaborators list, users who are currently online will bounce up and down and be displayed with the 'live' camera icon.