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Journal Prompt of the Day

“What do I need to do to be the best version of myself?”

“What can I do today to make myself feel proud and capable?”

“What step can I take today to build my confidence?”

These are just some of the prompts generated each day for your journal spaces. Everyone shares the same daily prompt, which is also posted in #prompt-of-the-day in Discord.

Implementation Notes

Daily prompts completely replaces the original prompt packs feature, launched 2 years ago, which let you manually pick groups of pre-made prompts to randomly add to new journals. The original intent of prompt packs was to add a bit of inspiration and spontaneity to daily journals – particularly for bullet journalers.

The new prompt of the day system fixes the issues with prompt packs:

  • Daily prompts are generated by chatGPT each day so you never run out of unique prompts
  • The many steps needed to understand and set up prompt packs has been completely eliminated

Whether you do it everyday or occassionally, journaling is such a helpful tool for getting your bearings around life and work. So I hope these improvements make journaling easier, more fun, and more engaging for more people