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Why make a life tasks space?

I created my space because I needed a place to plan and decide what to fix or build next. It's basically my 'home' space on Kinopio.

Whenever I've used traditional todo list apps, I'd inevitably hit a point where it feels like I'm buried under the weight of an infinite task list – that's usually when I'd usually start looking for another app, then repeat the problem all over again.

My favorite thing about using a space for this instead is how the clutter of this space reflects the clutter of my mind. When I organize my space, it feels like I'm organizing my mind.

What are some important parts of life tasks?

Your personal space should reflect your personality. Besides tasks and ideas, add personal photos, a background, and cool images that inspire you right now.

Your system doesn't have to make sense to anyone but you, and you can use privacy options to make it as private or public as you want.

How do you collect and organize info on your space?

I'd start by just writing out all the tasks floating inside my head. Use checkboxes to turn the short-term actions into tasks.

I like to keep my urgent cards in the top left where I always see them, and move longer-term cards outwards where I'll later decide whether to turn them into tasks, break them down into projects, or just remove them.

Any other tips of advice?

Besides all that, every morning I'll use card frames and colors to emphasize what I want to tackle today.

If your space starts to feel a bit cramped, that's a good sign. Yesterday's aspirations can become tomorrow's burdens so it's a good idea to occasionally prune ideas and tasks that you don't want to do anymore. Paint selecting a bunch of things you no longer want to do and removing them is really satisfying, cathartic even.