Notifications v2

The recipe for a good life is something like: create → share → ♥

To help with that last step, the redesigned notification system will let you know when someone likes your spaces and follows you

A similar interface is used whether you access your notifications through the email or in the app:

And just like before the bottom of the email lets you unsubscribe from receiving notifications from specific spaces, or all notification emails. You can also adjust your email settings in User → Settings → Notifications

Design Notes

When I originally designed the old notification system, I was more pessimistic about ♥ notifications. In Twitter and Instagram, likes and follows are a way to keep you anxious, addicted and coming back – and that's not what I want anyone to feel using Kinopio.

But implementation matters. In toxic systems, where the value of a post or a person is communicated primarily by popularity, it's pretty normal to feel lesser-than when your ♥ numbers don't measure up.

But when likes aren't presented as social currency, you aren't comparing your likes against someone elses. So ♥s can simply be a little bonus positive affirmation.