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Make a Personal Homepage

Ana Luisa's space
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Why make a personal homepage?

I needed a space where I could discuss what I have been up to because I do a lot of research and work as a graphic designer.

I wanted something where I could have less work then setting up a whole website, but where I could make it look like me – an environment where people would literally feel like they're in my head, so the idea for a personal space was perfect for my needs.

What are some important parts of a personal space?

First that it is highly customizable, which Kinopio definitely is. Second that's easy to update, and third, easy to navigate as well. I'm a super nest-y person and that extends to my online presence, so I like having a space that I can really give a personal atmosphere to.

Where do your images come from?

I get most of my images from at the moment, and the card image search is very useful. I also got lots of stuff from my old tumblr blog haha, I think that's a very specific source tho…

Any other tips or advice?

I think there's a kind of understanding of the tool that you only get after you use it for a while, or if you get in touch with people who understand it better. A way to really create a visually communicative space that's also easy to navigate. After I joined the Kinopio discord and saw what ppl were doing there I completely changed my personal page layout and that was only possible because seeing other people's uses opened my mind to understanding Kinopio better.