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Why make a space for your skincare routine?

I am very interested in skincare and I've been doing it seriously for three years. I post a lot about it on my personal Instagram account, but because Instagram is so messy and a lot of the content disappears after 24 hours many of my friends don't have the opportunity to properly catch up with my skincare lore.

On a space I can make it visually clear what my current routine is, and what I think of each product I use. That way when people ask me about my routine I can just redirect them to that space, its extremely convenient.

What are some important parts of a routine space?

First, it must be simple to update because the thing about skincare is that you change products and impressions about the products all the time.

Second thing is structuring the skincare routine between day and night.

I think third is offering honest reviews if you are interested in sharing the space with publicly.

How do you collect and organize info on your space?

I got all the images from my personal skincare channel. I think the most important Kinopio feature for organising information on this space is the filter.

I got the idea of making a filter by brand thing from a space made by @humdrum and I think its brilliant.

Any other tips of advice?

I think adding comments is super useful because skincare has a lot of nuance and adding the comments make your impressions, intentions, and details about the routine clearer. I started adding the comments only a month after I was done with the space because I felt like some information could be misunderstood.