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Why present your research in Kinopio?

I am a researcher in fluid mechanics and during my current project, I felt like I got a little lost in what I was doing. I needed to take stock and organize everything I had seen, heard and produced. The idea of a road map, almost in the form of a mind map, corresponded well to the way a research project is organized (a guideline that breaks down into ideas). Kinopio is a perfect tool for that. Its simplicity allows to build very quickly something that works in its content as well as in its form.

The text limits encourage you to be concise in what you want to write and adding links, images, colors or GIFs makes the place feels nice. As I worked on my road map, the idea of doing something shareable came up.

Now I think I will put a link to Kinopio in my project report. A tool that served as a help for me, will also be a good tool for future readers to get an overview of the project.

What are some important parts of a research presentation?

First, the look. This initiative is something that has been added to the mass of work I already have. I wanted a tool where globally only the content takes time and where the style is very simple to format. Secondly, I wanted a very malleable tool where I could move things around as I wanted to. And third a web page that can be available in almost every device!

How do you collect and organize info for your space?

Most of the info and images come from me. But I love to use the GIF finder, it brings life to the page.

Any other tips or advice?

I think that you should not hesitate to test things with Kinopio. Move the blocks! Try different layouts and styles! After a while you will find your page appealing and you will be a little proud of what you have done!