Raycast Extension

Quickly capture ideas to your inbox with the Kinopio extension for Raycast on macOS

You can install it from the Raycast Store

Implementation Notes

Raycast Extensions are each little self contained React/Typescript web-apps which you build locally and then submit to a Github Repo as a new folder. There are automated review stages that ensure your package.json file has all the right info, among other things. And then there's a manual review where a staff member checks your app to see if it works.

It's all conceptually straightforward and would work well with a future Raycast for Windows and Linux.

That said, React is still as annoying as I remember (it's almost as if it was made by facebook to solve problems that mostly affect facebook), and as a first time Typescript-er I had trouble getting my code to stop throwing irrelevant type errors for basic things. It would've saved me a lot of time if I could've just wrote regular javascript instead :(