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Plan With Your Team

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Why plan with your team in Kinopio?

I've invited my coworkers into this space as collaborators. We use it to track team-related notes and happenings.

My instinct is to use Kinopio for everything. The fact that Kinopio is fun, non-linear, and easy to collaborate on was important for this use case.

I appreciate that a space is a freeform canvas that is flexible for a lot of uses. I also like the chaotic energy Kinopio has. It's such a welcome contrast from the other boring software I use.

How do you plan in this space?

I use boxes to delineate different regions in the space. One is called the Share Zone where I invite my teammates to post pictures or links that are interesting to them. What they did on the weekend, something they watched recently, how are they feeling, etc.

Next is the Daily sync-up,

We typically meet everyday over Webex. We look at this Kinopio space and have an area share status, accomplishments, plans, questions.

I use it as an order to coordinate who talks, and I might also take notes for these sections while people are sharing.

How do you collect and organize info for your space?

This space is like a digital bulletin board that I use to put up items relevant to our team. It's great to be able to easily mix in screenshots, text, and links.

Any other tips or advice?

We also keep other team related things on the same space to help with context, such as administrative stuff, like when people will be off. We use tags with our names to make it stand out.

Oh and make it fun and personal. I change the background every week. Make it feel like someone lives here. It's like a digital bulletin board that we all virtually walk by every day.