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Track your Media

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Why use Kinopio to track the TV shows you've watched and want to watch?

The goal of my TV and Movie spaces is to have a quick place to see what’s out and available to watch and what’s coming out over the course of the year.

There are a lot of blogs that do lists by month or things that they are anticipating, but I wanted something more comprehensive and tailored to my own tastes so I had to make it myself. I also wanted something that would be super flexible, visual, but also easy to update and re-organize, all while being connected to a broader web of note-taking and tracking.

Now that I have these spaces, it’s also become a place to track what I’ve watched, and start to formulate ranked lists that will lead to my end of year Top Tens. As a bonus, because of the flexibility Kinopio offers, I can carve out a little room in the TV space to show a little weekly schedule of what’s currently airing and on what day.

What are some important parts of a media tracking space?

Tagging has been a wonderful way to keep track of all of the shows and movies over the years and where else I might have touched upon them in another space.

If I talk about a show or movie in another space, or log when I’ve watched it in my journals, I can use the tag to be able to cross-reference and see the history of my viewing, where else it might have come up, and then easily jump to those other spaces.

How do you collect and organize info on your space?

Headers and color were two things I never thought I would ever really use on Kinopio, but they have been critical to organizing the spaces.

I can use the Headers to lay the space out and organize it in a way that’s relatively easy to track and follow.

I even use colors a little bit in the headings for decoration, but where colors have been even more useful is in color coding shows or movies, by my interest level and if I’ve watched it yet or am planning to.

Any other tips of advice?

The alignment buttons have been absolutely critical to keeping my sanity and spaces neatly organized. I can quickly move things around and reorder on a whim without having to worry about organization. Then with a quick highlight and press of the alignment button, poof, neatly organized once again.

Lastly, I can’t talk about these spaces without talking about Links. Links have allowed me to build a personal wiki around media and my life. Both my TV and Movie space are linked to in my Media hub space, which links to other media spaces, and is also linked to from even more spaces.

With the new sidebar it’s now super convenient to bounce around spaces, going higher or deeper in the hierarchy, making connections, and keeping track of things in a detailed, but easy manner.