Z-Toggle Zoom Out

Press Z to instantly zoom all the way out or in. A little feature that gives you big perspective

Implementation Notes

This replaces the previous minimap feature which was implemented by drawing a representation of the cards and connections to a single <canvas>. It was a totally seperate renderer optimized for high speed and low interactivity, basically like a micro-Figma inside of Kinopio.

While the minimap demo-ed really well, I decided to remove it because:

  • It would have required significant work to get it working with recent performance optimizations
  • Development of the minimap predated zooming, and a fully zoomed out space does basically the same thing
  • The minimap wasn't actually used much by people IRL
  • It's one less button/mode and less code to maintain

I guess the lesson to myself for the future: It's feels bad saying no, but it feels worse building cool-looking big features that very few people very rarely use