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Bulletin № 31

Hi friends,

While I was in Bali last month, I had lunch with Lucas and asked if he'd be interested in making a Kinopio iOS app. Over the last month we've been making steady progress on the app, which you can preview here.

Because of the way Kinopio has been designed, most of the work to improve mobile will also benefit Android users too.

Anyways, the next bulletin will probably announce the official release – alongside a ProductHunt launch to help spread the good word to everyone else.

See you then ~

What's New

My personal favorite update this month is the ability to Embed Any Site, like Spotify, Bandcamp, or code Gists. Just paste the URLs and if there's a media player or something fancy for it, you'll be able to use it inline.

Music sharing spaces like Music by bernat really come alive when you can listen to albums from cards.

Related Pro-Tip: You can make some cool looking embeds by customizing card colors

Also new,

Journal Prompt of the Day generates a new journaling prompt each day.

Card Counters let your collaborators vote on ideas.

Public Presence and Painting broadcasts spectator cursor position and paint strokes out to everyone viewing the space.

I also wrote a new blog post: A Tool for Those Who Dream of Being Understood.


  • CMD/CTRL-K to jump to spaces now remembers your recent search
  • Improved the layouts of the header and footer, as well as connection, card, and box dialogs
  • Added a little settings shortcut button to the footer, helpful for quick toggling controls settings


  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on the card resize handler wasn't resetting card size
  • If you paste in a URL with no URL preview information, then the card will show the full URL instead of hiding it
  • Broken preview images for Instagram URLs can update themselves
  • The weekly review emails that weren't being sending for the last couple weeks should now correctly arrive on Sunday

Mobile Fixes

  • Tapping to create a new card will focus on the input so you can immediately type it
  • Tapping to create a new card no longer jumps the zoom of the space out
  • Creating a new card while zoomed very far out or far in will no longer display a weirdly sized card editing dialog